Imagine that the Aztec (Nawa) empire had never been defeated. Now fast-forward 500+ years to the present day…
Weetzy, an imperial warrior, is wounded in a mysterious “flower war” and discharged from the military. Suffering from PTSD, physically disfigured, and ashamed that he has failed the gods, he struggles to find his place as a civilian in a war-obsessed society. He crosses paths with Leeltick, a young slave girl. She serves the emperor’s daughter and is made an accomplice to a string of heinous crimes against the empire. When faced with terrible choices, both Weetzy and Leeltick are caught between what the gods say is right…and what the empire says is law.

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Foul Water | Clear WaterMictlan: The Underworld I | Mictlan: The Underworld II | This Star Rises | That Star Falls | Their Guns Are in Their Hearts | His Gun Is in His Heart | Iztak’s Secret I | Iztak’s Secret II | A Small Imperial Oversight I | A Small Imperial Oversight II | I Am Weetzylopochly I | I Am Weetzylopochly II |

The Wrong Warrior | The Warrior Wrong | Weetzy’s Pyramid I | Weetzy’s Pyramid II | Jetsam | Flotsam | An Ugly Scene I | An Ugly Scene II | The Broken Body | The Broken Spirit | Weetzy Shoots One | Weetzy Shoots Two | The Turquoise Mask I | The Turquoise Mask II |

Glass on the Floor I | Glass on the Floor II | The Jaguar | The Hummingbird | The Court I | The Court II | The First Task | The First Question | One Man Down | Two Men Down | The Priestess’s First Heart | The Priestess’s Last Heart | The Demon Gate | The New Demon | Warriors Wanted I | Warriors Wanted II

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