Now, with Thom, we’re almost a full house. There are three of us, with only one bedroom left.

Since being here, I kind of understand the whole situation, and I don’t feel so bad for all of us. I guess it’s right that we should be here before we go on to heaven like everyone else. We all get the chance to do something we didn’t get to do in life. It kind of makes driving off a cliff and all the stuff that led up to it a little easier to come to terms with.

My assignment is to learn. Didier has offered to be my teacher, which is really sweet of him, and the logical thing is for him to teach me French, since there’s no pool here and anyway, I’d be just awful at diving. I love learning French! I never went to college, and now I see that I could have been good at this kind of thing, or could have liked it, which maybe would have made it easier for me to be good at it, or the other way around. Every night, I review a stack of flashcards because Didier says whatever you think about before you go to sleep sticks in your mind best. It’s been almost three months. He says I’ve been doing really well and that I’ve learned the equivalent of a whole college course in French, and that when I’m ready, he’ll write up a test for me. If I pass it, he’ll sign my papers and I get to leave. In the meantime, it’s fun helping the people who come here heal and do their assignments and then go on to heaven.