When seventeen-year-old Thom Goode takes his own life, he finds himself in a special kind of purgatory for suicides: living in a house with three others, all of whom have been given a task to complete before they can proceed to heaven. But despite its idyllic facade, Thom soon learns that the afterlife is just as limited by human imperfection as was life. To finally find peace, happiness, and connection with others, Thom and those he meets must confront what most haunts them.


When Lydia’s boyfriend is killed just as they finish building their new cabin, she slowly loses her mind. A therapeutic trip to visit an old friend is more than her fragile psyche can bear, and she loses the ability to distinguish strangers from those she knows and trusts.

The Flower Wars

Imagine that the Aztec (Nawa) empire had never been defeated. Now fast-forward 500+ years to the present day… Weetzy, an imperial warrior, is wounded in a mysterious “flower war” and discharged from the military. Suffering from PTSD, physically disfigured, and ashamed that he has failed the gods, he struggles to find his place as a […]